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16 Jan

Coding Basics for the Absolute Beginner

We all have to interact with technology - and for many of us our jobs depend on it. Gone are the days of computers not being ‘your thing’. With technology becoming integral to almost every industry, a basic understanding of how computers and technology work is necessary for success. 
 As the creators of one of the most successful software developer training schools in the world, we have learned quite a lot about how to break the subject down to the learner. We believe technology is for everyone, and we are removing the barriers to entry that have stopped people from really being able to understand and use technology. 
 Most technology training makes the mistake of assuming some prior knowledge of computers, which leaves room for misunderstanding. We wrote these books to handle that problem. 
 We are releasing four books. One is a dictionary, and three are practical books that teach you how to program computers. 
 These books include: • Technology Basics Dictionary • Learn Coding Basics in Hours with Python • Learn Coding Basics in Hours with Small Basic • Learn Coding Basics in Hours with Javascript 
 The Technology Basics Dictionary is for everyone - from the absolute beginner to the experienced pro. Those new to the subject will be able to clear up all the confusion and mystery from the subject; those already familiar with technology will gain the ability to explain complex concepts to others in simple, clear ways. 
 ‘Learn Coding Basics in Hours’ is a series of books written for the absolute beginner who is interested in learning how to code (coding means programming computers to perform tasks). 
 With the Technology Basics Dictionary and any (or all!) of the training books, you’ll gain a basic understanding of how computer programs work and learn how to write simple code in no time! To purchase your today, go to and enter "The Tech Academy" into the search bar!


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