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Technology Basics for the Absolute Beginner

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We all have to interact with technology - and for many of us, our jobs depend on it. Gone are the days of computers not being ‘your thing’. With technology becoming integral to almost every industry, a basic understanding of how computers and technology work is necessary for success. As the creators of a successful software developer training school, we have learned quite a lot about how to break the subject down to the learner. We believe technology is for everyone, and we are hoping to remove the barriers to entry that have stopped many people from really being able to understand and use technology with our Technology Basics book series. These books include: • Technology Basics Dictionary • Learn Coding Basics in Hours with Python • Learn Coding Basics in Hours with Small Basic • Learn Coding Basics in Hours with Javascript Most technology training makes the mistake of assuming some prior knowledge of computers, which leaves room for misunderstanding. We wrote these books to handle that problem. ‘The Technology Basics Dictionary’ is for everyone - from the absolute beginner to the experienced pro. Those new to the subject will be able to clear up all the confusion and mystery from the subject; those already familiar with technology will gain the ability to explain complex concepts to others in simple, clear ways. ‘Learn Coding Basics in Hours’ is a series of books written for the absolute beginner who is interested in learning how to code. With the Technology Basics Dictionary and any (or all!) of the training books, you’ll gain a basic understanding of how computer programs work and learn how to write simple code in no time! Don’t just take our word for it — here are what some people are saying about the Technology Basics books on “My copy just came in the mail this morning and I've been happily paging through it. This is a very, very, very useful thing to have and the best example of this kind of reference I've seen. Definitions include brief and simple discussions of other concepts you'd have to understand to understand the term being defined and derivation/word histories. I recommend this to anyone and I'm really happy to have mine.” — Gabriel Becket, 12/4/2017 “Wow, what an effective tool. As an aspiring computer programmer I love it. My husband works in IT and says it's a quality product that ranges from simple to quite advanced in the offered information. We're very happy!” — Amazon user GET81 1/14/2018 “If you are learning computer programs at all, this dictionary is an invaluable tool!” — Amazon user Greatshades, 3/27/2018 If you're interested in purchasing one of the books click on the "Book Series" link under the "About" tab!

11 Jul 2018
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The Tech Academy Denver

Posted By: Lindsey Young, Marketing Director

Even though we’re only half way through 2018, this year has been one of considerable growth for The Tech Academy. This year alone The Tech Academy has opened a second campus in Seattle, WA, expanded and remodeled our Portland campus, and partnered with Concordia University to offer a CIS Minor. Since it began in 2014, The Tech Academy has grown from a small class of four in Beaverton, Oregon to a thriving software developer bootcamp headquartered in downtown Portland with hundreds of employed graduates. Continuing this trend, The Tech Academy is excited to announce the opening of our third campus in Denver, CO on July 16, 2018! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics software developer jobs are expected to grow 24% from 2016 to 2026, ( With increasing demand for developers comes increasing demand for training programs like The Tech Academy. Overseeing the operations and instruction at our third software developer boot camp will be Cole Dixon, assisted by Dean of The Tech Academy Brett Caudle. Cole previously worked as an instructor for The Tech Academy in Portland before relocating to Denver to work as a Software Developer. Cole was the first name to come to mind when planning our expansion to Denver, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him back to the team. The Tech Academy Denver will follow the same model as our other two locations offering open enrollment, with self-paced and flexible study schedules options. Denver students will also go through job placement training led by our exceptional Job Placement Director Aaron Frichtl, and will have access to our remote instructors when studying during off-hours or weekends. Enrollment is now open for The Tech Academy Denver, with the option for students to begin their training online prior to the opening of the campus. The campus will be open to students and for tours starting July 16, 2018. With the success we’ve found in just 6 months at The Tech Academy Seattle, and through the years in Portland, we are eager to replicate that success in Denver and continue to offer outstanding software developer training.

16 Jul 2018
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