Pre-requisites Version Control
Duration 10 days

This course covers the latest versions of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). All websites are made using HTML. CSS is a tool to manage many elements of the pages made with HTML. You will have a comprehensive understanding of HTML5 & CSS3, including:

  • Making an HTML5 website
  • Customizing it with CSS3
  • Making creative and complex effects
  • And more...
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7 Days

"I am new to the "modern" programming languages of the internet, so HTML5 and CSS3 were really new for me at the start of the course. I knew some of the little conventions like inline tags for formatting fonts (like bold or italic), but everything else was 100% new for me. However, it was really simple to pick up. It feels like HTML is a very high level language, truly designed for the human programmer's ease of use and readability instead of the machine. One of the big things that really struck me was how HTML and CSS work with the browsers. I never really put it together in my mind until now, but when we create a website by coding it into HTML and CSS, we are not really "programming" per se, but more like giving another program an organized list of instructions to perform on our behalf. While writing HTML code is very, very similar to writing a program, I am not actually writing an executable program.

I am writing a "program" that is executed by another program (the browser) in order to achieve the results I am looking for. I find that a little fascinating. I know I just talked about how coding HTML is not exactly programming, but that is the most enjoyable thing about the course for me: coding. Learning the syntax of the language and the different uses for each command was really fun. I did several of the exercises in the Murach text which were fun and interesting. It was just following a list of directions, but it gave me a chance to see, in my mind, how one would put these instructions together to achieve desired results. Textbook illustrations and exercises are so academic, but they do help one build upon just head knowledge. I imagine understanding how HTML5 and CSS3 work together and with internet browsers will be quite useful in the future, even if my specific responsibilities may not be in website creation/maintenance. More likely, I will need to read HTML code in order find "variable" names used to gather website user inputs in a form for me to then utilize in the creation of another program to process that data." -Ryan S.

  • Making an HTML5 website
  • Customizing it with CSS3
  • Making creative and complex effects
  • All the basic fundamentals of HTML5
  • All the basic fundamentals of CSS3
  • Bare HTML5 Skeleton
  • Defining Page Areas
  • CSS3 Syntax

Welcome to the final essay.

  • The essay consists of 10 questions.
  • Any score below 85% is failing.
  • Failing the essay will require you to re-take the course.

This course was created to rapidly teach a student all of the basics of HTML5 and CSS3 so they can use these skills in designing basic websites.

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