Job Placement

Pre-requisites Live Project
Duration 3 days

Quite apart from the technical knowledge, we know that the process of getting hired has its own specialized challenges. We’ve put together the hard-won knowledge you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the best possible chance of getting a good job in technology. You’ll learn about:

  • Professional manners and dress
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Writing a resume
  • And more...
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5 Days

"I have had previous job placement training, but I think it is really helpful to complete preparation tailored to the field for which you are applying. It always helps my confidence during the job search process to understand what to expect. I am glad to have completed the course at this stage in the process, so that I can be sure to tailor assignments for posting on GitHub to expand my presence online. It is also really helpful to know where to look for jobs. And, I am glad to know about the programming challenge questions. I will definitely be doing a lot of preparation in this area!" - Sara L.

  • Professional manners and dress
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Writing a resume
  • Preparing for and conducting phone interviews
  • Preparing for and conducting in-person interviews

Welcome to the final essay.

  • The essay consists of 5 questions.
  • Any score below 85% is failing.
  • Failing the essay will require you to re-take the course.

This course was put together to train a student on basic information to assist them in finding a job. Students are encouraged to start their job search prior to graduating.

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