Overview of Software Development

Pre-requisites Computer Basics
Duration 5 Days

Here you will learn the basic elements that are fundamental to any computer program, leading to greater comprehension of every computer programming language you will learn in the future. You will have a comprehensive understanding of the basic actions of a Software Developer, including:

  • Object-Oriented Programming basics
  • Web Application basics
  • Database basics
  • What a Software Developer actually does
  • What other skills a Software Developer needs
  • And more...
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3 Days

"I learned the importance of really understanding the basics so that we can think methodically when entering the real world, and even in the rest of this program. For me, I want to further my studying in flowcharting and algorithms so I can really master breaking things down into smaller pieces and have a good base and outline in regards to programming, or at least increased confidence and proficiency in the initial problems to be analyzed and solved. For me, I tend to have a minimal problem asking for help, so this video really encouraged me to ask for it when needed (after I actually try and research and problem solve on my own first).

It was also helpful to hear that we do not need to know it all, but rather gain the skills to figure out solutions to problems that arise. This course helped to further drill in my brain a bit more in regards to data types and languages. I can use this information that I have gained in this program so far to remind myself the importance of the basic fundamentals in approaching tough problems that will inevitably arise. Problem solving is the name of the game, after all." - Joy E.

  • How programs are made in this profession
  • The attitude necessary to be successful
  • How to think like a Computer Programmer
  • Number systems
  • Data structures
  • What Flowcharting is and how it helps you to develop
  • Registry basics
  • Command line basics
  • And more...

Welcome to the final essay.

  • The essay consists of 5 questions.
  • Any score below 85% is failing.
  • Failing the essay will require you to re-take the course.

This course was created to teach a student what to expect as a software developer in the real world. This course covers information that applies to learning any programming language and is meant to orient students to software development.

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