Event Location The Tech Academy Course Room
Starting Time 1 pm
Date January 24th, 2017
Length 2 Hours

Last Friday, as every Friday, The Tech Academy was delighted to have speaker Dan Linn, founder of HelloWorld Devs, come for a Tech Talk. As a school that teaches students how to be developers – not merely how to code, Linn’s topic of “Imposter Syndrome” was very fitting.

In an engaging and accessible talk, Dan Linn defined Imposter Syndrome as feeling inadequate even though you have performed in that role before. When asked who has ever had a similar feeling, not one person had both hands to their sides. Through a series of personal stories and coding-adapted Dr. Suess poems, the students were introduced to the concept of Imposter Syndrome, how it relates to working as a developer, and tools to help overcome it.

  • The “imposties”, as Linn calls them, is something that happens to everyone.

  • Expect 2 hours and stay for the refreshments and food.

  • The Tech Academy
  • 310 SW 4th Ave Suite 412
  • Portland, OR 97204
  • 503.206.6915

Imposter Syndrome Here's Dan Linn's video on Imposter Syndrome!

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