Our $12,000.00 tuition is discounted to $6,980.00 until August 31st!
Begin with the Computer Basics Course and end as a member of a development team!
Move through our self-paced program on your own schedule!


  • The Tech Academy was awarded SwitchUp.Org's top coding boot camp in Seattle award.
  • Students can attend at our campus in Renton and the full bootcamp is available online - allowing for in-person and at home study.
  • Students can set their own study schedule.
  • Our Job Placement Course will prepare you for tech interviews and our Job Placement Directors will assist you with your job search.
  • Over 90% of our graduates land tech jobs, with most making an average of $30 an hour.
  • Move through our self-paced program at your own speed.
  • No prior tech background or coding experience required.
  • The Software Developer Boot Camp is thorough and covers several in-demand programming languages.
  • Open enrollment - no set start dates or cohorts. Students can start anytime.

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WHY ENROLL? On our Software Developer Boot Camp, students learn coding through through real-world, hands-on programming training. On our programming bootcamp, students learn to code and become well-rounded, full-stack, junior-level developers who can code on the front-end and back-end.

ABOUT US The Tech Academy is licensed as a career school through the Higher Education Coordinating Committee (HECC). We have campuses in Renton, Washington and Portland, Oregon. The entire program can also be completed online in full - we have students all over the world!


The Software Developer Boot Camp is composed of:

Our Mission Statement To graduate junior developers that excel in the basics of computer programming and thereafter have successful careers in the I.T. field, and whose actions raise industry standards and surpass client expectations.

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