21 Jan

The Tech Academy Free Coding Class Series

Coding has always been mysterious to the general population, often lumped into “nerd culture” and considered a niche skill, only for the most specific kind of person. Most people’s sole exposure to the idea of coding and programmers is somewhere between Tron, the Matrix (and its infamous streams of “code” bathed in a really strong green) and then every hacker in the yearly heist movie.

It’s not surprising that most people feel intimidated or confused about coding. Despite how widespread technology is, as users, we rarely encounter or even understand what is happening with the devices we use. As technology continues to become more complex and more present in every aspect of our lives, literacy in coding languages is becoming more relevant and more necessary.

So if coding is becoming a skill both necessary and valuable for the world, how do you learn it? Where do you start? How do you find out if it’s the right thing for you and how do you get plugged into a rapidly growing and changing industry? Almost every industry professional I’ve spoken to has the same advice: “Take a free class” they say, followed by a weathered: “See if you even like it first”. A good bit of advice. Free classes make coding accessible and provide a really great entry point for curious newcomers to the industry or for those looking to pick up new skills. This is where The Tech Academy comes in.

The mission of The Tech Academy is to bridge the gap between technology and society. This has guided us to create a completely original curriculum tailored for someone with no prior experience. We’ve created a customizable study schedule that morphs to the needs of students and provide financing options to break down financial barriers for students to get the education they want. Now it’s time to introduce our newest program to get people coding.

The Tech Academy is proud to introduce a Free Coding Class Series at the Portland Campus. Taught by Tech Academy Graduate Alister Cedeno, there will be four intro-to-coding classes taught a week covering some of the most prolific programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Python and Small Basic. These classes are designed to introduce people with no prior experience to these programming languages, as well as the basics of coding, making it accessible and easy to understand. With each free class, you will gain a fundamental understanding of these languages and basic coding concepts.

Alister, who will be instructing each class, is a graduate of The Tech Academy. After completing his courses and impressing his instructors, he was selected as being the perfect liaison for people’s first encounter with these coding languages. Alister is excited to debut this program, starting Monday, January 21st, and hopes that students realize just how fun and accessible coding can be.

As this program rolls out, hopes for the future include providing these free classes across all Tech Academy Campuses. Considering this industry is relatively new, being only decades old, there is so much room for creativity, innovation and visionaries.The Tech Academy wants to inspire, encourage and equip those visionaries with the tools they need to create the future. To find out more about our Free Coding Class Series and about The Tech Academy Boot Camps go to learncodinganywhere.com/thetechacademycontact and get connected today! For a schedule of our Free Coding Class series, or to RSVP, visit The Tech Academy’s Meetup page!


  • Kaitlyn Carter on 1/25/2019 said :
    Interested in learning coding but do not have a job to pay for classes .
  • Kaitlyn Carter on 1/25/2019 said :
    Interested in learning coding but do not have a job to pay for classes .
  • Lakeeta Starnes on 1/27/2019 said :
    Is financial aid available for this program?
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