An Introduction

Between 2012 and the end of 2013, Erik trained entry-level developers at Prosper I.T. Academy. During that time, the boot camp was basically a tutoring service with small classes. Erik did this simultaneously to software development.

Erik then decided to devote his full attention to the code school and recognized that taking the venture to the next level would take business acumen and managerial experience. He then approached his long-time friend, and seasoned executive, Jack Stanley.

Jack had experience in running successful companies, and he and Erik had worked together on several successful projects in the past. On top of training and years of exposure in marketing, legal, sales, personnel and the myriad of skills it takes to run a business, Jack also had experience as an educator and in curriculum development (albeit not in the coding realm).

Erik’s and Jack’s skills complemented each other and so, at the end of 2013, Jack and Erik became business partners. For several months Jack and Erik worked to create a curriculum and fully establish the school.

The curriculum Jack and Erik created was contributed to and reviewed by many people, including individuals with degrees in Computer Science. In fact, Professor Brent Wilson is a curriculum advisor of the school.

Jack and Erik surveyed various potential school names and in the beginning of 2014, the name with the most votes won. And so, the program became known as “The Tech Academy”. Since then the school has grown to a small class with four students in Beaverton, Oregon, to what it is today: A successful code school based in downtown Portland with hundreds of students and a program that can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

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