9 Jul

A Detailed Review of The Tech Academy

With such a high demand for tech workers and software developers, it's no surprise that many people are starting a career in technology! This demand for new tech workers has led to a demand of quality training programs, or coding bootcamps. Although the number of bootcamps to research can be overwhelming, doing your research to find out which is right for you, your learn style, and learn outcomes is worth it. To help decide if The Tech Academy is the right bootcamp for you, Kyle Prinsloo from studywebdevelopment.com wrote this review of the pros and cons of our program! Here are some excerpts from his review: PROS "So, who is The Tech Academy and What Do They Do? The Tech Academy was started by Erik Goss, a senior-level Software Developer, as a side-project in 2012 by training entry-level software developers. In 2013, he partnered with his business partner, Jack Stanley, to ‘officially’ start what is known as The Tech Academy today. Over the past 5 years, the company has grown significantly from a small class with only four students to what it is today: A successful code school with multiple campuses, hundreds of employed graduates, and a program that can be taken online from anywhere in the world." "Why Would You Want to Consider a Bootcamp from The Tech Academy? There are hundreds of online learning platforms and places like Udemy are great to improve your knowledge and to learn more skills at a very low price, but when it comes to credibility in the workplace, a certification from The Tech Academy is something that will help you stand out from many of your peers." CONS The Tech Academy Bootcamp requires a full commitment. If you are not ready to put in the work, then this is not something you should sign up to. One of the main negatives is the price as it's considered to be a stumbling block for most prospective students. This needs to be viewed in context though. If you get hired in a full-time job, the chances are high that you will earn a good salary which will increase as your skills and experience improve. What’s the alternative? If you compare this route with a CS (Computer Science) degree, you’ll soon find that it takes years to complete and that the prices are crazy. TTA has several financing options including payment plans and low-cost loans to assist you with this investment." Since this review was written, we have made some changes at The Tech Academy that readers should note: 1. We have since launched four different bootcamp tracks, which include our: Python Bootcamp, C# & .NET Framework Bootcamp, Front-End Web Developer Bootcamp, and our Software Developer Bootcamp. 2. Because there are now multiple bootcamp options, our program varies in length. Bootcamps range from 8 weeks - 26 weeks for full-time students. 3. In addition to our headquarters in Portland, we now have campuses in Seattle, Denver, and Salt Lake City! Check out Kyle's full review of The Tech Academy on his website!


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