28 May

Salt Lake City Utah’s Newest Coding Boot Camp

By: Jack C. Stanley, Co-Founder of The Tech Academy

Did you know that Forbes named Salt Lake City, Utah as the number one city poised to become tomorrow’s tech mecca?

In fact, there’s even a section of Utah referred to as Silicon Slopes due to its high concentration of tech companies such as Adobe (major software company), SanDisk (computer memory products company), EA Sports (sports video games company), eBay (e-commerce company) and Intel (technology hardware company). Silicon Slopes is Utah’s Silicon Valley.

Utah tech job growth has increased at twice the speed of the national average. And so, choosing it as the location of our next Tech Academy was a given.

The Tech Academy Utah is enrolling students in its coding boot camps now!

Our boot camps can be completed online from anywhere in the world, but we’ve noticed that about half of all students prefer an in-person training experience (as opposed to fully online study). In the interest of making our award-winning technology training widely available, we are opening campuses across the United States.

When looking for where to open new Tech Academies, we search for cities that aren’t already saturated with coding boot camps. We believe that everyone should be able to attend a code school, and so we’re placing them in a wide array of cities that have strong tech demand.

A lot goes into the process. In no particular order, here are some of the steps:

  1. Filing all needed legal documents, submitting a school license application, etc.

  2. Finding the perfect campus. We look for office space that is large enough to comfortably fit students, and as the saying goes: location, location, location. We tend to stay out of downtown to ensure students have a quiet study environment and (even better) free parking.

  3. Hiring and training all needed employees. We have training content for every position. Our Instructors are graduates of our boot camps, who have completed about 6 weeks of intensive Instructor training. This includes study and practicing how to assist students, and running an internship (we call it a Live Project).

  4. We renovate each campus prior to opening and furnish it with brand-new furniture and supplies. We don’t reuse anything from previous tenants because we want to ensure our students have the exact furnishings they need.

  5. Each campus has its own marketing campaign to inform students of the arrival of the next Tech Academy.

This is a very high-level overview but we have about ten employees assisting with the process of opening new schools. I get to find the new campuses, which is a lot of fun!

Our Utah campus will offer all of the boot camps available at every Tech Academy campus. Everything available at our headquarters in Portland will be available at The Tech Academy Utah. All Tech Academy students will receive the same content, services and help.

Having personally spent some time in Salt Lake City, I love the city.

It’s beautiful and surrounded with mountain ranges which never lose their majesty – each day it was like I was seeing them for the first time. The people of the city nestled in between the mountains were kind and well-mannered. I found them very welcoming.

We are so excited to contribute to the technological boom in Utah through training up talent for this wonderful state.

About the author: With years of executive and managerial experience, Jack C. Stanley has overseen The Tech Academy since its inception. He owns and operates several successful companies.

His background in teaching and curriculum development contributed greatly to the creation of The Tech Academy’s boot camps. As the Co-Founder and chairman of the school’s Board of Directors, he supervises the day-to-day activities and long-term planning for the school.

The Tech Academy is a technology school that trains students in computer programming and web development. They are the proud recipient of SwitchUp.Org’s and CourseReport.Com’s Best Coding Boot Camp award and were named the “World’s Greatest Code School” by How2Media.

The Tech Academy offers a wide range of services including:

  • Coding boot camps
  • Customized training classes for companies and groups
  • Advanced developer training
  • Software development
  • Staffing
And more…

Visit learncodinganywhere.com to find out more.


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