Shelly A.

  • “The Tech Academy was just the right bootcamp I was looking for. It allowed me to start as a remote student, and then study locally when I moved to Portland. It also taught me how to be a self-motivated learner and enabled me to develop problem-solving skills. In addition to teaching coding knowledge, the school also teaches students how to look for answers and approach problems on their own. Instructors are always available and willing to help, but they also guide students and teach them how to solve problems, rather than giving out answers right away.

    The curriculum was very well-rounded and I was able to explore the different areas of fullstack development, from HTML and CSS, to C# and Python. To someone with very little programming background like me, this was extremely helpful because it gave me a solid foundation in software development and gave me the opportunity to explore the different areas and think about what I really want to work with.

    The school is also very supportive of students after they finish the curriculum, and assists all students with the job search. The Job Placement director continues to stay in touch with students for the job application process. Because of the practice interviews I had and feedback I got on my soft skills and resumes, I was able to gain more confidence during my job interviews and received a job offer in the tech industry."

Freeman C.

  • “The Tech Academy (TTA) is an excellent remote study Bootcamp. TTA has exceeded my expectations and I have learned so much. The boot camp is focused on creating junior developers for the web and web applications industry which is a booming field. This is a "full stack" BootCamp which basically means the top programming languages for web development. If you watch all their recruitment videos then the course is pretty much what they say it is. I chose a "Full Stack" boot camp because I wanted a chance to get out of the semiconductor industry. Regardless of the focus on "Full Stack" you are still learning to code and you can leverage that knowledge as you wish."

    Honest Feedback:

    TTA is not very expensive compared to other programs when I was researching. I feel I got a great bargain.

    TTA admissions: They “know” they are offering you a real “bargain” for an excellent Software Development BootCamp. You just don’t know it yet.

    The school is legit. It is not a fake. It has a brick and mortar building for their local students.

    The remote study program is “solid,” very easy to follow, and you really do learn. I can’t imagine it being any better.

    TTA has a great start with "Computer Basics" which eases you into the program. I really loved how they start you out with a solid foundation.

    The course does increase in challenge as you go; however, it’s well-balanced and builds on prior learning. For example, after finishing a challenging project for a course, you get a breather with the new course giving normal training for a while until the next project or drill.

    It's a fun program with an enjoyable positive environment even for me as a remote student.

    They have lots of communication such as a daily newsletter, etc.

    You do learn what they teach if you commit to study.

    The founders of the school & instructors are really smart and have a great attitude for sharing their knowledge.

    I have never submitted buggy code, or asked a question that I was not able to get a correct answer from an instructor.

    If you submit buggy code for help, the instructors will give you hints such as "umm... better check if you declared your vars as integers." Rather than just outright answering it for you. And if you continue to have trouble, the amount of help will also increase as you work on a problem.

    You will learn how to create some professional looking websites and learn to make them public and accessible by securing domains and server access.

    Finishing a project or drill really makes you feel proud and increases your confidence.

    They teach you how to leverage the internet for learning. This is a big advantage.

    Learning and using GitHub/Version Control really makes you feel like a pro.

    The study platform (learning management system) is web based, easy to follow and it keeps track of your progress.

    Some of the projects are challenging; however, you really do get all the skills for a particular project, you just need to apply them. Instructors are really helpful if you get stuck.

    You have to submit a daily report for each day you study for any amount of time. They will send you a friendly reminder if you stop regular communication.

    You have to write lots of essays but they are fun to do and you really learn a lot.

    TTA also wants you to fill out a weekly report that is mostly feedback on the school so they can improve.

    They really like feedback and will love it if you suggest an improvement.

Cole D.

  • “I have always had a voracious appetite for knowledge across a vast myriad of different subjects and genres. Coding was never something that even pinged on my radar as a possible career avenue. It was not until I heard of the unique environment and learning structure at the Tech Academy that I felt inclined to look into the technology field.

    As I researched all of the diverse code schools that the Portland area had to offer, word kept coming around about how intentionally different the Tech Academy was in its approach to teaching the fundamentals of software development.

    Upon my acceptance to Tech Academy and initial introduction to the course material, I knew I had made the correct choice.

    Working through drills and projects that are specifically designed to test your skills and creativity one gains an incredibly in-depth knowledge of each language they are working in. I had the privilege of not only being a student but also being an employee of the Tech Academy.

    The team that Erik and Jack have assembled to instruct and mentor students is a cut above. They truly are the heart of the program and have an eagerness and thirst for knowledge that is demonstrated through their teachings.

    If it were not for the skills gleaned from study and participation in all of the events and lectures Tech Academy offers, I would not have earned the job I have been offered. Participating in Tech Talks, weekly Career Round Table sessions, and meet-ups is essential to understanding the layout of the tech industry and pushing through all of the doors marked pull.

    I would like to extend a most gracious ‘thank you’ to the staff and all of the student body, [both remote and local], for making my time at the Tech Academy full of meaningful interactions, immersive conversations, inventive challenges, and a lot of memories and knowledge that I will carry with me into my new career in Colorado.”

Nick J.

Rachel M.

Jacie J.

Neil T.

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