“I had an excellent experience at The Tech Academy, from enrollment through graduation. The Tech Academy's software development program was exactly what I was looking for - self-paced and a comprehensive curriculum for full stack development."

I was able to begin the program the day after my enrollment and I was able to spend as much time as I needed in each part of the curriculum and I was able to spend less time on the languages that came easier to me. The instructors were always extremely helpful. Whenever I was learning remotely I could call up until 9:00 at night and an instructor would help me with complex solutions to a software program objective ( and sometimes even a computer issue ).

I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a quality education in software development to check out The Tech Academy. I researched several local and even national programs and The Tech Academy really impressed me and they never let me down. I wouldn't change a thing!"

Jacie J.

“My experience with the Tech Academy was great! Before starting the Tech Academy I had a BA in Biomedical Sciences and came to the conclusion that becoming a health care provider wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I then began looking into other fields that interested me and found that the tech field really sparked an interest. I was contemplating whether to start studying on my own or do a “boot camp” style course. I decided I wanted to take an online course, not only to keep me motivated, but also to learn programming in a way that followed a cohesive progression, and yet still have the ability to reach out to instructors for questions and advice.

The instructors were extremely helpful, and most importantly, they made an effort to challenge my thinking throughout the different courses, which was something I really appreciated. The job placement course was also extremely helpful when I started the job search process.

The university I had attended hadn’t given me any knowledge in how to actually land a job, and the Tech Academy taught me everything I needed to know. The job placement instructors are very passionate about what they do, and they worked with me to help me land a great job by prepping me in mock interviews and giving me valuable insight that I otherwise wouldn’t have know. After completing all of the courses, and spending a month searching for jobs, I found myself landing a paid internship at Microsoft."

Cole D.

“I have always had a voracious appetite for knowledge across a vast myriad of different subjects and genres. Coding was never something that even pinged on my radar as a possible career avenue. It was not until I heard of the unique environment and learning structure at the Tech Academy that I felt inclined to look into the technology field. Working through drills and projects that are specifically designed to test your skills and creativity one gains an incredibly in-depth knowledge of each language they are working in. I had the privilege of not only being a student but also being an employee of the Tech Academy. The team that Erik and Jack have assembled to instruct and mentor students is a cut above. They truly are the heart of the program and have an eagerness and thirst for knowledge that is demonstrated through their teachings. If it were not for the skills gleaned from study and participation in all of the events and lectures Tech Academy offers, I would not have earned the job I have been offered. Participating in Tech Talks, weekly Career Round Table sessions, and meet-ups is essential to understanding the layout of the tech industry and pushing through all of the doors marked pull. I would like to extend a most gracious ‘thank you’ to the staff and all of the student body, [both remote and local], for making my time at the Tech Academy full of meaningful interactions, immersive conversations, inventive challenges, and a lot of memories and knowledge that I will carry with me into my new career in Colorado.”

Rachel M.

“Here's what I've gotten out of doing a couple of the courses so far at The Tech Academy: I gained an understanding of databases and specifically of SQL. I did a lot of thinking while doing the drills about comparing the concepts to large data databases. I learned the importance of good organization and structure of data, that the results from data queries be meaningful and that the data results are accurate. I realized the importance of writing good code and code that would prevent SQL injections. I enjoyed the course, so I may want to use it more. I like front end design and am interested in aspects of user interface design. However, I like the idea of having variety and that there is also logic and design on the backend. It would be nice to incorporate both aspects and that the academy gives a chance to learn both is great. Also on a more realistic level I like the salary figures of backend. I enjoyed Python and find it useful as an automation tool, and very versatile for many uses, like Django as a website framework. Also there are many ways and many industries in which Python can be applied. I liked the libraries and other modules that other users have contributed and being able to create my own personal modules. I think that it will a very useful tool for me as a software developer."


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