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In addition to delivering Coding Bootcamps, The Tech Academy hosts a podcast where we sit down with fellow tech professionals and enthusiasts, and talk all things tech!

Our goal is to highlight the individuals that make this industry great, and show the many different paths your career could take you on. Each week on The Tech Academy Podcast you’ll hear from different tech professionals about how they got their start, their vision of the future of tech, and everything in between!

Ep. 19 Josh Carter

This week we are joined by guest Josh Carter for another great episode of The Tech Academy Podcast. Josh is the CEO of Patriot Bootcamp, a nonprofit who’s mission is to equip veterans and their families with education and resources to be successful entrepreneurs in technology. In this episode you’ll hear about just a few of Josh’s many past lives that brought him to founding Patriot Bootcamp. His background is mainly in telecommunications, but we hear about his experience in the Navy, graduating from art school in San Francisco, working in radio, and his experience at Twilio and how that led him to founding startups. Both Navy vets, Erik and Josh also discuss some of the great work that Patriot Boocamp and similar organizations are doing to help veterans transition into working and starting successful business in the technology field. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for another helpful tip from Jack Stanley!

Speaker: Josh Carter

18 Jul 2018


Ep. 1 Jonathon Hensley

In our very first episode of The Tech Academy Podcast, our host Erik Gross sits down with Emerge Interactive CEO Jonathon Hensley! Emerge Interactive is a Portland, Oregon based Digital Experience Agency where Jonathon and his team work to transform business strategies, user needs, and new technology into valuable products and an amazing user experience. In this episode Erik and Jonathon discuss the beginnings of Emerge Interactive, their shared experience of growing up in the early days of the Silicon Valley, how Jonathon has kept a business alive and growing for 20 years, and bridging the gap between running a business and understanding of ever-evolving technology for a successful business in the modern era. To close us out, Jack Stanley (Co-founder of The Tech Academy) shares some great advice for anyone who is newly employed, trying to fully understand their position and expectations, and looking to make a good impression on their new employer.

Speaker: Jonathon Hensley

18 Apr 2019


Ep. 10 Johnny Reiser

On this week's episode of The Tech Academy Podcast our host Erik Gross learns about life as a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer with guest Johnny Reiser! Johnny and Erik talk about our guest's entry into the tech world 20 years ago at Microsoft, what helped him go from a "contract cowboy" to landing a permanent position as a QA Engineer, how is martial arts training helped his tech career — and much more! Be sure to stay tuned for Jack's Helpful Tips if you're an aspiring developer or junior developer! This week's tip will help you to continually grow as a software developer and perpetuate your success.

Speaker: Johnny Reiser

18 Jul 2018


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