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In addition to delivering Coding Bootcamps, The Tech Academy hosts a podcast where we sit down with fellow tech professionals and enthusiasts, and talk all things tech!

Our goal is to highlight the individuals that make this industry great, and show the many different paths your career could take you on. Each week on The Tech Academy Podcast you’ll hear from different tech professionals about how they got their start, their vision of the future of tech, and everything in between!

Ep. 6 Brett Caudle

On this week's episode of The Tech Academy we have special guest Brett Caudle. Brett is the current CEO of Tech Academy, as well as their first graduate and first employee! Listen in as we hear about Brett's background in music and audio production, how he got started at The Tech Academy, his passion for learning and teaching, and much more! And as always — don't forget to listen in for Jack's weekly tip for reaching success in your professional life!

Speaker: Brett Caudle

18 Jul 2018


Ep. 17 Alexandrea Beh

Join us for this week’s awesome episode with guest Alexandrea Beh, software engineer at Navex Global! In this episode Alexandrea and Erik discuss mentorship and culture fit. With a mix of traditional education and self-teaching, Alexandrea graduated Pacific University with a degree in Biology but got into Computer Science while interning at a vision lab in need of someone to update part of their software. College is also where her interest in mentorship and leadership began. After taking on a RA position our guest asked herself “What does leadership mean to me?”, and found that she wanted to challenge the misconception that introverts don’t make good leaders or mentors. In this interview, Erik and Alexandrea discuss how she developed her leadership skills, how mentorship has helped throughout her career, the ways she is paying it forward in her current role, and the importance of culture fit for both employee and company. As always, stay tuned for this week’s Helpful Tip from Jack Stanley!

Speaker: Alexandrea Beh

18 Jul 2018


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