Ep. 20 Hannah Patterson

We have a familiar voice for you this week as Erik interviews The Tech Academy’s very own Hannah Patterson! Hannah is the VP for Outreach, a Concordia University Instructor through our partnership with the college, and a Tech Academy Podcast guest host! Coming from a theater background, Hannah never imagined she’d be working in the technology field – let alone be teaching in it! In this episode we hear about what her idea of a technology worker was and how that’s changed since working at The Tech Academy, her background in theater, what it’s like being ‘Professor Patterson’, and so much more!

Speaker: Hannah Patterson

07 May 2018


Ep. 15 Garrett Guevara

We’re back with another great episode of The Tech Academy Podcast! This week Erik is joined by guest Garrett Guevara, software developer at Zapproved and Tech Academy graduate. In this week’s episode Garrett tells us about the long interview process, including a challenging whiteboarding session for his current position, his career in education prior to software development, and how his time as a teacher helped him move into a mentor role. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for another helpful tip from Jack Stanley! This week’s tip is helpful for everyone, from junior roles to supervisors, looking to build a reliable work reputation.

Speaker: Garrett Guevara

24 Jan 2018


Ep. 18 Davis Van Luven

We’re back this week with a special episode of The Tech Academy Podcast! In this episode Erik interviews Davis Van Luven, one of our instructors at The Tech Academy Bootcamp. We hear about Davis’s transition from copywriting to programming, how he plans to use what he’s learned as a developer in digital marketing and other creative outlets, as well as some of the many lives he’s lived before making his way to The Tech Academy. Our guest also shares some advice he gives to students who are running into challenges, what it was like growing up in the woods, and his thoughts on the West Coast as a native Virginian. As always, don’t miss out on this week’s tip from Jack Stanley!

Speaker: Davis Van Luven

02 Apr 2018


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