Ep. 1 Jonathon Hensley

In our very first episode of The Tech Academy Podcast, our host Erik Gross sits down with Emerge Interactive CEO Jonathon Hensley! Emerge Interactive is a Portland, Oregon based Digital Experience Agency where Jonathon and his team work to transform business strategies, user needs, and new technology into valuable products and an amazing user experience. In this episode Erik and Jonathon discuss the beginnings of Emerge Interactive, their shared experience of growing up in the early days of the Silicon Valley, how Jonathon has kept a business alive and growing for 20 years, and bridging the gap between running a business and understanding of ever-evolving technology for a successful business in the modern era. To close us out, Jack Stanley (Co-founder of The Tech Academy) shares some great advice for anyone who is newly employed, trying to fully understand their position and expectations, and looking to make a good impression on their new employer.

Speaker: Jonathon Hensley

18 Apr 2019


Ep. 22 Brian Holman

We're back after a brief hiatus with a brand new episode of The Tech Academy Podcast! This week's episode is hosted by Hannah Patterson who's joined by guest Brian Holman, a Data Engineer at Healthsparq. Hannah and Brian talk about how our guest's PhD in meteorology led him to a career in data science. They also cover topics like finding a job in the tech industry, AI, and much more!

Speaker: Brian Holman

14 Sep 2018


Ep. 21 Tim Shedor

We’re back with a brand new episode of The Tech Academy Podcast! Hosting this episode is Hannah Patterson, with special guest Tim Shedor. Tim is a self taught Web Development Consultant who has started projects like Ask a Dev and Wedfuly. In this episode we hear about how Tim’s high school newspaper got him into technology, and how his journalism degree helped propel his career in web development. We also hear about a few of Tim’s projects like the virtual wedding planning service Wedfuly, and the mentoring community Ask a Dev. With a journalism degree to give him insight, our guest also talks to us about communication in development, some causes of communication breakdown and tips to prevent it. To learn more about the Ask a Dev community, visit: https://askadev.org/

Speaker: Tim Shedor

18 Jul 2018


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