Ep. 1 Jonathon Hensley

In our very first episode of The Tech Academy Podcast, our host Erik Gross sits down with Emerge Interactive CEO Jonathon Hensley! Emerge Interactive is a Portland, Oregon based Digital Experience Agency where Jonathon and his team work to transform business strategies, user needs, and new technology into valuable products and an amazing user experience. In this episode Erik and Jonathon discuss the beginnings of Emerge Interactive, their shared experience of growing up in the early days of the Silicon Valley, how Jonathon has kept a business alive and growing for 20 years, and bridging the gap between running a business and understanding of ever-evolving technology for a successful business in the modern era. To close us out, Jack Stanley (Co-founder of The Tech Academy) shares some great advice for anyone who is newly employed, trying to fully understand their position and expectations, and looking to make a good impression on their new employer.

Speaker: Jonathon Hensley

18 Jul 2018


Ep. 2 Oz du Soleil

This week host Erik Gross chats with Oz du Soleil, Excel developer, blogger, trainer, raconteur and Microsoft excel MVP. Oz is known for his colorful and fierce commitment to empowering people without an IT team or skill set to be able to manage their own data. He's also lead author of the book, Guerrilla Data Analysis 2nd Ed., co-written with Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen, and host of the YouTube channel Excel on Fire! In this episode Erik and Oz discuss their time in the US Navy, the amazing story of how Oz made the transition from answering phones at a call center to becoming a data analyst with the same company, and what makes a good analyst. To wrap things up, we have another one of Jack's Helpful Tips! This week Jack Stanley shares an insightful tip for anyone on the job hunt.

Speaker: Oz du Soleil

18 Jul 2018


Ep. 3 Gustav of Portland Radio's 94.7

Local Portland, OR listeners might recognize the voice of this week's guest on The Tech Academy Podcast! In this episode our host sits down with radio personality Gustav, of Portland's 94.7 KNRK. Gustav has been a presence on Portland radio since 1995; he currently co-hosts an alternative music show with Daria Eliuk and curates a Saturday night EDM program. Erik and Gustav talk about our guest's surprising background and interest in tech, how his tech background helps him in his career in media, Gustav's experience living in Germany and more! Don't forget to stay tuned at the end of the episode for Jack's weekly tip! This one's particularly helpful for new employees or anyone who's trying to climb that corporate ladder.

Speaker: Gustav

18 Jul 2018


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