Ep. 15 Garrett Guevara

We’re back with another great episode of The Tech Academy Podcast! This week Erik is joined by guest Garrett Guevara, software developer at Zapproved and Tech Academy graduate. In this week’s episode Garrett tells us about the long interview process, including a challenging whiteboarding session for his current position, his career in education prior to software development, and how his time as a teacher helped him move into a mentor role. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for another helpful tip from Jack Stanley! This week’s tip is helpful for everyone, from junior roles to supervisors, looking to build a reliable work reputation.

Speaker: Garrett Guevara

24 Jan 2018


Ep. 16 Dr. Brent Wilson

This week on The Tech Academy Podcast we are joined by Dr. Brent Wilson, Computer Science Professor at George Fox University that specializes in secure programming. In this episode Erik discusses with Dr. Brent Wilson his current position working as a professor in the sciences at a christian university, and our guest’s view on how tech and religion coexist and interact with one another. With Dr. Brent Wilson specializing in security, we also hear about some interesting ethics queries that have risen from his approach of teaching defensive security by offensive hacking and the need to understand your attackers. We also hear about his approach to writing and reviewing code that he’s developed over his 20 years of experience. To send us off Jack shares a tip about maintaining a healthy balance between criticism and positivity in this week’s Helpful Tip. Enjoy! *Disclaimer: The views or opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the individuals and do not represent those of The Tech Academy or its employees.

Speaker: Dr. Brent Wilson

07 Feb 2018


Ep. 17 Alexandrea Beh

Join us for this week’s awesome episode with guest Alexandrea Beh, software engineer at Navex Global! In this episode Alexandrea and Erik discuss mentorship and culture fit. With a mix of traditional education and self-teaching, Alexandrea graduated Pacific University with a degree in Biology but got into Computer Science while interning at a vision lab in need of someone to update part of their software. College is also where her interest in mentorship and leadership began. After taking on a RA position our guest asked herself “What does leadership mean to me?”, and found that she wanted to challenge the misconception that introverts don’t make good leaders or mentors. In this interview, Erik and Alexandrea discuss how she developed her leadership skills, how mentorship has helped throughout her career, the ways she is paying it forward in her current role, and the importance of culture fit for both employee and company. As always, stay tuned for this week’s Helpful Tip from Jack Stanley!

Speaker: Alexandrea Beh

22 Feb 2018


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