Ep. 18 Davis Van Luven

We’re back this week with a special episode of The Tech Academy Podcast! In this episode Erik interviews Davis Van Luven, one of our instructors at The Tech Academy Bootcamp. We hear about Davis’s transition from copywriting to programming, how he plans to use what he’s learned as a developer in digital marketing and other creative outlets, as well as some of the many lives he’s lived before making his way to The Tech Academy. Our guest also shares some advice he gives to students who are running into challenges, what it was like growing up in the woods, and his thoughts on the West Coast as a native Virginian. As always, don’t miss out on this week’s tip from Jack Stanley!

Speaker: Davis Van Luven

02 Apr 2018


Ep. 19 Josh Carter

This week we are joined by guest Josh Carter for another great episode of The Tech Academy Podcast. Josh is the CEO of Patriot Bootcamp, a nonprofit who’s mission is to equip veterans and their families with education and resources to be successful entrepreneurs in technology. In this episode you’ll hear about just a few of Josh’s many past lives that brought him to founding Patriot Bootcamp. His background is mainly in telecommunications, but we hear about his experience in the Navy, graduating from art school in San Francisco, working in radio, and his experience at Twilio and how that led him to founding startups. Both Navy vets, Erik and Josh also discuss some of the great work that Patriot Boocamp and similar organizations are doing to help veterans transition into working and starting successful business in the technology field. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for another helpful tip from Jack Stanley! Disclaimer: This episode is a conversation with two Navy Veterans, so some language used may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

Speaker: Josh Carter

19 Apr 2018


Ep. 2 Oz du Soleil

This week host Erik Gross chats with Oz du Soleil, Excel developer, blogger, trainer, raconteur and Microsoft Excel MVP. Oz is known for his colorful and fierce commitment to empowering people without an IT team or skill set to be able to manage their own data. He's also the lead author of the book, Guerrilla Data Analysis 2nd Ed., co-written with Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen, and host of the YouTube channel Excel on Fire! In this episode, Erik and Oz discuss their time in the US Navy, the amazing story of how Oz made the transition from answering phones at a call center to becoming a data analyst with the same company, and what makes a good analyst. To wrap things up, we have another one of Jack's Helpful Tips! This week Jack Stanley shares an insightful tip for anyone on the job hunt.


01 Dec 2017


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