Ep. 11 Mounir Shita

This week on The Tech Academy Podcast, Erik interviews Mounir Shita, a professional in the AI field, in one of our most interesting episodes! Mounir Shita is the CEO & co-founder of Kimera Systems, an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) company. "Kimera Systems, Inc. is the developer of Nigel™ – the world’s first human-like artificial intelligence technology that makes networked “smart” devices intelligent." (Source) In this episode, Erik and Mounir start with the basics of "What is AI?" and creating a general theory of intelligence in order to develop AI systems. Mounir compares his company's scientific approach to developing AI vs. the more common engineering approach, talks about the current hype around AI in the media, and shares with us why AI became his passion!

Speaker: Mounir Shita

18 Jul 2018


Ep. 13 Paul Menig

Joining us today on this episode of The Tech Academy Podcast is Paul Menig, CEO of Tech-I-M Business Accelerants and President of the National Transportation Center Foundation. To kick things off this week, we let Erik geek out over the new Star Wars film which he saw mere hours earlier (don’t worry, no spoilers!), and get a general timeline of Paul’s life using the Star Wars films as markers. During the interview we learn about our guest’s high school dream of becoming a biomedical engineer and how that path changed, his time studying electrical engineering at MIT, what it was like to get his first electronic calculator in college and so much more!

Speaker: Paul Menig

18 Jul 2018


Ep. 14 Nate Taggart

Join us this week for one of our favorite interviews with guest Nate Taggart! Nate is the co-founder of Stackery, a startup for serverless software. In this episode Erik and Nate discuss serverless software, and how Nate and his co-founder’s journey to find a technical solution lead to creating a startup. Nate also shares insights into common traits he’s seen in successful developers throughout his career, lessons he’s learned throughout his career, job security in startups, and how his lack of handyman skills but desire to build led him to software! As always, stay tuned for this week’s Helpful Tip from Jack Stanley! This week’s tip is all about soft skills and ensuring confidence in your skills is not confused with arrogance.

Speaker: Nate Taggart

18 Jul 2018


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